A Night of Wonder, Part 1- Caught

“Come on, let’s get out of here.”

Shelley tugged on my wrist, trying to lead me back to the door.

Hang on.” I said, yanking my arm away from her.

My friend squeaked and then covered her mouth in embarrassment. “Sorry. It’s just this is really weird. Who leaves the door to the store unlocked?”

“I don’t know, a forgetful person?” I shrugged and reached for a stuffed alligator.

“Or one that doesn’t care if anything gets stolen by a pair of twits.” An old man’s voice floated in the air around us.

This time we both squeaked. I felt my face heating up. “We weren’t stealing anything, you- you creepy pervert!”

“I suppose you were just window shopping- inside a closed store.” A small trail of smoke slithered into sight and I followed it back to its source- an elaborate S-shaped pipe held by a strange-looking man. Pinched and wrinkled, his face was like a textured map of the desert. A blue silk coat two or three sizes too big hung off him. He stared at us.

“If you weren’t stealing, then why are you here?”

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