Not Welcome

This guy come in Sundy mornin’, right? A’ firs’ I thought he was one uh them hippies or somethin’, with the long hair an’ the raggity clothes, but then he cumma closer an’ I saw he was some kin’ a Ay-rab. An’ well when I tol’ him he better git goin’ on home- I’m not racist er nothin’, it’s jes’ ya ken’t be comin’ on in God’s House in no dirty, raggity clothes- well I tol’ him to go on home an’ he started a yellin’ an’ a hollerin’ some kin’ a gibberish or another, t’weren’t no kin’ a English, that’s for sure, jes’ like them ter’rist’s do in the Eye-ran, an’ well I picked ‘im up an’ threw ‘im straight out a’ the fron’ door an’ he landed right on his ass.

That kin’ ain’t welcome hear.

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