Airships: Improvising

“Shouldn’t we get word to Gladstone?” Elletra asked tentatively.

Hawkeye kept his eye trained on the hatch down the hall where the remaining pirates down below were doing god knows what. “Jerem?”

Jerem thought for a second, “Five of you men, go up and see if you can alert Gladstone. The rest of us will fight our way into the bridge.”

Five men scurried off and more shouts could be heard from up top. Elletra didn’t let herself think about it yet. They were about to charge the hatch when suddenly, the ship lurched forward.

“What was that?” One of the men asked between swearing.

“They might be trying to take off the grappling hooks by force.” Jerem muttered.

“No time to waste then.” Hawkeye growled and grabbed a gun from one of the men. He quickly aimed down the hall and drained the gun of bullets. He took another gun and did the same. Elletra watched in confusion.

“The hinges are off.” Hawkeye reported.

The frenchman grinned and signaled forward.

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