Maidens Of The Sands: Splitting Up

They got bored glances from guards and were completely ignored by Northerners. They made their way from the edge of the city into the market square where shouts, smells of food and cheap perfume, and blandly dressed peasants filled the whole area. The rich, famous, & royal wouldn’t dare be out on this hot and windy day so the Maidens didn’t worry about peasant etiquette as they casually made their way across the giant square.

“Split up and meet at the mural wall.” Indiua said, subtly covering her words with a trill laugh.

They waved to each other as they parted, Xafira and Asia going one way and Indiua, Trisenda, and Gemini going the opposite way. Xafira forced herself to be a teenager totally enthralled in what Asia was saying about the latest fashions in the Easlow School, which knowing how thorough Asia was in her espionage, was probably true. Xafira kept watch of all the guards & peasants in the corners of her eyes, making sure they weren’t being followed by suspicious officers or by bored peasant boys.

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