The Return

Over the next few days Robert began to notice changes all around him. Warmth loosened Winter’s tyrranical grip, forcing the snow to recede back up the slopes of Kejajo Mountain, leaving behind a thin layer of ash and partially rotted leaves. Travellers brought word of new activity at the Dark Tower, south of the Queen’s Landing, which had lain dormant for some time.

Working closely with his two companions and the lovely Lady Elshanor, they started writing a groundwork of fellowship and family. A curious purple fox watched from the shadows. Robert often got the feeling the thing was grinning at him.

A shadow darkened Robert’s tablet. Looking up, he gazed into a memory he had thought had vanished forever- an energetic smile, framed by long brown hair. She clasped her hands together, ink-stained fingers curling around the walls of her palms. “I’m back!”

Gravely, he bowed. Clouds that had long overstayed their welcome finally broke, letting bars of sunlight bridge heaven and earth.

The Princess had returned.

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