May or May Not Be

“Here, let me help you,” Doe offered, chucking his empty cup into the nearest trashcan and lending a hand to the beaten scholar, helping the man get to his feet. “It’s uh, Doe, by the way. John Doe.” Immediately, Doe turned away, frowning in regret. It wasn’t often that he gave his name to people. Sure, most people laughed at it because it happened to be the same name which was used as a placeholder name for unidentified subjects. However, Doe had a hunch that someone out there may or may not have been tracking his every move. Everywhere he went. Everything he did. Doe knew that he showed up during multiple historical events in mankind’s history. Those events were cataloged, and it only made sense that he would have been cataloged too.

In conclusion, giving his name out to a random stranger might have been innocent, but a bit of internet research could quickly prove that John Doe wasn’t exactly normal. Because, well, the events in history that he showed up in weren’t exactly happy events.

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