The Fractal Rangers: Interlude

The Zeno’s Arrow burst from the multiversal foam, probabilities cascading from its hull. It skimmed the fractal sea like a skipping stone, reflecting its existence into Mandelbrot reiterations of eternity.

Princess Pop, decked out in stolen pirate memorabilia and her trademark calf-length bubblegum pink transparent raincoat, capered in the crow’s nest under the pirate flag, going: “Yoo-hoo, scallywags!” or “Pass the rum, mateys!”

Lurching from the head clutching his gut, Archetype Amigo went to port side and made rude noises into the fractal froth, not at all feeling sorry for the weird possibilities this meant. Wiping his mouth, he made his way hand in hand to the wheelhouse.

With a beard like Robert Crumb’s God, Professor Perfesser Prof stared off into eternity, his adroit hands piloting the ship of dreams as his patiently patently patented Incrediflummoxular Capacitorâ„¢,a homebrew circuitrist’s wet dream, flickered on the wall behind.

Soon their analogues would be in steam-powered Victorian England.

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