Abstract Captain Byssus Heptad: My Fifth Ficly

Oooo, out of the ether plunged the metaphysical buccaneer on a shell tide of metaphors. Many of them failed him, mixing themselves on the surge of chuckling similes, and sent his spectacular tentacular one being bathysphere washing upon the quaquaversal shore.

Abstract captain Byssus Heptad set firmly his grip upon the vade mecum and waded past the quivering death throes of his conchshell craft. A tendril rose to curl against his cheek, and Abstract Captain Byssus Heptad sent vain tears curving his cheek to mingle with the death lick of his old and loyal friend.

Set in the stone of resolve the Captain stepped free of the corpsed violet waters, suddenly seven. Magnificent, heroic, and dangerous, the seven that was Abstract Captain Byssus Heptad stood on the beach, their blazing auras rainbow archetypes. Same in step and resolve they pressed ever west.

The horizon, swimming with an eye the crimson of blood, sent up an evil smile of clouds before drawing after itself the heartless night.

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