I Highly Suggest

Doe shrugged. “Because you’re an easy target,” he proposed. “You… aren’t the most capable fighter, and from what I saw, you didn’t even try to fight back.” He tapped the concrete with his foot. “You just curled up and waited. And I take it you haven’t reported those guys either, which means they think they can still get away with it. Granted, I was able to stop them this time, but I don’t think someone will be close by every time the jocks are feeling lucky.” Why was he talking to this kid again? He was just another human, and Doe couldn’t help all of them, despite the fact that he always wanted to.

Huffing a sigh, Doe glanced around the typical college campus. Why had he come here anyway? He couldn’t recall, at this point. “Anyway, I highly suggest you invest in some self defense lessons.” John Doe saw the hesitance in Shawn’s eyes. “You don’t have to be physically strong to stop those guys, either. Just know the right pressure points,” Doe added a grin. “And when to dodge.”

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