The man who later became the superhero, Neptune, was born a curly haired baby that his mother named Ryan. Ryan and his mother lived a relatively normal life until the week before his ninth birthday. Swimming in the pond behind their low income apartments, a storm suddenly broke overhead. Before he could make it out, lightning tagged the water three times in rapid succession.

Ryan woke up in the emergency room, remembering little beyond bright flashes of light and a weird tingling feeling. His skin was covered in first degree burns and he had three broken ribs. When his mom found him he had been draped over a tree branch, three hundred feet from the water.

A short time after he had fully healed, Ryan started noticing peculiarities whenever he he took a bath or went swimming. Sometimes the water would slow down like it was gel, or stick upright in midsplash. It wasn’t long before he started experimenting and realized he could shape water- and it would stay frozen in that shape. That was only the beginning.

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