Neptune: First Blood

“Unnh. Let me up!” Ryan yelled upward at Jake who was straddling his chest, his knees pinning Ryan’s arms to the muddy ground. His back was cold and wet and he knew his mom would be disappointed that he had ruined his clothes again. Even if it wasn’t his fault, she still had to pay to do laundry.

“Fat chance, Zebra!” The fourteen year old grabbed a handful of Ryan’s shirt and yanked it up, exposing the lines that snaked around Ryan’s whole body. They and his white curly hair were unfortunate side effects of the freak accident on the pond. Jake’s buddies, Bobby and Gordie, laughed at the sight.

Ryan frantically searched for something to help him- a rock or a stick or something to drive the bully back. His fingers splashed into a small puddle of water. He quickly stroked the liquid upward into a spike.

“He’s doing something.” Bobby called, but it was too late. Jake cried out in pain and jumped up, rubbing his thigh. When he looked at his hand, his fingertips were wet with blood. “You stabbed me, you freak!”

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