Not the Child

Doe blinked widely, tilting his head to the curious child. Ivy, he had called her? Hm, not to say he wasn’t the least bit curious as to what all of this was, but the small girl added to the mix created another layer of complexity that Doe, quite frankly, didn’t have much time for. Doe never had much experience with human children, but the exposure he did have to them hadn’t been good. Much like the young of his kind, Doe quickly deduced that human children were reckless, naive, and couldn’t be trusted with even the simplest of tasks.

Doe had gladly assisted Shawn, but the kid was another story. He was afraid of the little girl growing on him or something. He didn’t need that. The last time he grew fond of a human and vice versa, he took them travelling. And not the kind of travelling one would normally think of. It ended up being a tragic disaster that John Doe had never stopped regretting. Doe’s lips spread into a wide and rather nervous smile. “Well, erm, perhaps I should get going?”

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