Ripped from the Darkness

As my once dark and painful world changes around me, everything happens so quickly that I don’t have time to realize that I have escaped the shadows and found the light; I have never been anywhere near the practical light of day. Everything that I know is blackness and misery, and I cannot comprehend how I’m supposed to feel in this bright air that surrounds me. My cold being is so scarred and broken that I don’t know if I will blend well with this innocent hue, for my past consists of some of the most horrid demons; my father is one of the sickest demons in my head as is my ghost of a lover.

What shall this new way of living do to me? Eventhough I’ve always hoped for salvation from my wicked tragedies, I am quite frightened by all of this beautiful happiness, for I have bled for devine sorrow all my exsistence. I suppose I will drag my beaten and haunted soul down this unknown path of the norm and survive like I always have.

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