Mother Nature

I was awaken by the sound of the rain. Thunder from afar lit up the skies. The roads flooded, cars pulled over to the sides. Screams of terror from a distance, indicting they were stranded in the flash flood. The phone started to ring only just a moment after I had awoken up. “Good morning.” -“Good morning sunshine I didn’t think I would catch you this late in the morning.” – “What are you talking about it seems to be early, and who can sleep when your house is being flooded and thunder lighting your house up.” – “You may just have yourself a point there.” – “So what brings you to this point of calling me.” -“We need you in for work; all are morning speakers haven’t shown up.” – “And what makes you think I will be able to get there if the others haven’t.” – “Well first thing you have a boat, and as well a brand new Range Rover.” – “I wished you didn’t know about those, I’ll be there in the next hour.” The phone clicked. I got up and stood next to the window watching the rain fall, and watched the thunder.

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