Those technofreaks. The bassheads. Yeah, I’m one of those. First of all, I am not addressing everyone here. Only those who look at us and judge us. They hear “dubstep” and they cringe. They frown upon the headphones-wearing, head-bobbing, bass-blasting, subwoofer-owning kids. They believe we are dirty and ratty and trashy. And yes, there are people out there who judge us so harshly, just because of the music we listen to.

Dubstep. It’s not a genre, but a people. Not a type of techno, but a culture. We listen to it because it means a great something to us. It’s a part of who we are. It isn’t just complex layers of sound and noise. It’s heart and soul and laughter. It’s celebrating the good times and pulling through the bad. It’s wearing a fake smile on a down day and learning to cope with rough times. It’s strength. So if you see one of us technofreaks, one of us bassheads, think twice before you cringe or frown. Because, well, you’re right. Dubstep isn’t a type of music. It’s so much more.

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