Alex again… it was always him. I frowned, rolling over to avoid his hands reaching for my throat. “Take off the damn mask!” he yelled at me. I quickly leaped to my feet, searching my vicinity for something to defend myself with. The glasses-wearing boy lunged to the side, snatching up a long pipe. He swung it and it made a deep, hollow noise as it connected with my shoulder, sending me sprawling onto the floor. I grunted as my chest collided with the cement ground. My world was fuzzy for a moment and by the time I regained focus, Alex rolled me over onto my back, pinning me down. I writhed, trying to push him away.

He reached over, grabbing a crumbled block of cement that looked extremely heavy. He raised it over his head, but dropped it. It landed with a loud thud next to my head as Alex covered his ears to block out the high ringing that pierced the air.

He staggered away from me and ran towards the exit of the abandoned building. I turned to see a familiar slender frame in the hallway, here to save me.

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