A Deadly Game

In patient waiting I lie
For my foe to pass me by,
Like an unsuspecting sheep
The wolf sharpens his teeth

Now it is but a game
For who can bide their time,
A game of wits and skill
To see whose is the final kill

Time will soon expose
The amateurs and the pros,
Like a game of cat and mouse
In an ever decreasing house

Patience wearing thin
I must last longer than him,
For I know he is growing weary
Of this ever lengthening query

“Where is he?”

Wait I hear him nearby
Trying to move silently by,
But a rock, a stick, hath cracked
Revealing him to my left

My position to him still unknown
His noise covers my movement, unseen, unknown,
Now we have come to it finally
The end to this game so deadly…

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