" Cricket"
“Yes, what about It?”
" Tell me about it"
“What ya wanna know?”
“Everything,…. explain it to be”
" Have you got a cold?"
“Yeah ib a bit bunged up, but I feel ok”
“Ok, … cricket,well there are eleven players & before the match they toss a coin & the winner decides to bat or bowl "
" Yes, throw the ball"
“So if you’re batting, two guys go out, & they are in & the rest sit & wait their turn”
“they are in until they’re out”
“How do they get out?”
“Well they’re stumped, bowled out or caught”
“Huh, I know I’m stubbed!”
Stumped, is when your out of your crease & the wicket keeper throws the ball at the stumps, you’re caught when the ball is caught without it hitting the ground & bowled is when the ball hits the stumps, then you’re out but your mate is still in, gettit?"
“Err I guess so…. Arrrrrchoooo!!!!!!

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