Laser Eyes

If he hadn’t said they were droids, I’d never have guessed. They were as large as Daemon. Any attempt to take them out as if they were flesh would have ended the assailant’s life. I suddenly missed the team below us.

Fetus growled in my ear, a feral, catlike sound. She simultaneously sent the droid decoy after one hulk while swiping my sabretaser with a murderous yowl. Instinctively, I reached for her. I wasn’t even sure what I could have done, but my hand whipped out and a very short-lived rage made me bend towards her.

She was counting on it. In my new position a laser beam shot above my right shoulder that would have annihilated me.

Acrylic did not move, eyes locked on the man. And then he dematerialized.

“Hologram! Blast it!” Acrylic dashed between the two droids, Fetus decapitated one, while the other followed Acrylic with his laser eyes.

“To me, you bucket of bolts!” Fetus jumped toward the glass wall. She drew the laser eyes in an arc up the wall.

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