A Flare for the Macabre

As Fetus dealt with the machines with a ferocity I’d not expected out of her, I noticed the faint scoring the lasers dealt the glass. Remembering why we had come, I ducked the attempt of one of the automatons to kill me as Acrylic produced a deadener from his jacket and stabbed it. I did a barrel roll and righted myself, using the momentum to power my foot into the glass at the place where the laser damaged it.

I was surprised by how cheap the glass seemed. It wasn’t bulletproof or resilient or anything, really. It just shattered.

Alarms started going off, but I didn’t really care. I grabbed some of the flare grenades off my belt, shouted out a warning, and threw them.

Burning tissue smells awful. I looked up after the flashes had gone to see simply a surreal sight. Half the brain was left, and it was cooking. The heart and lungs were engulfed in flame too, and tails of fire licked up the connective wires to the servers in the wall.

The androids died down, but the hard part was just beginning.

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