So much waiting. I was growing weary. I swayed in my place, letting the heavy metal pipe that hung in my grasp quietly scrape the concrete beneath my feet. I tilted my head, sighing into the inside of my mask. My jaw clenched as I watched the two of them. The two fools… Alex and Jay. With their silly camera, pointing the thing around in the dark. My dark brown eyes narrowed into dangerous slits and my body tensed. I ached to attack them. To finish them.

A sturdy hand placed itself on my shoulder. I instantly relaxed in reaction to the familiar thin, bony fingers that curled slightly into the thread of my black jacket. Blinking, I craned my neck to see the inhumanly tall creature behind me. He raised a similar pale hand and fixed his black tie, then turned his eyeless gaze onto me. “Patience,” he hissed.

“We must wait. They will take us to the ark.”

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