The new guy

The day was uneventful, just boring actually. I came in to work that morning expecting a day filled with just normal stuff. Well, as normal as a virologist might expect. Shit gets kinda crazy sometimes here at our lab.

But nothing we can’t handle. We even stopped an Ebola outbreak once.
I was halfway through my second pot of coffee when the phone rang.

‘We need to quarantine portland’
’We’re sending our best guy over to coordinate’
‘Who the fuck is this? What the hell are you talking about?’
’Don’t give me an attitude, just shut down all roads in and out of Portland, and find a guy called Don Waters. I’m with the DOD. Lupo out’

Don Waters was a guy we knew, he used to be a virologist here, but his work steadily became weirder, and his funding was cut. Last thing we heard was him moving upstate to some fancy classified facility.

I dispatched my men to close the roads, but when i rang the airport to close I got this:
’I’m Jack Carter, Just landed, there is a flesh eating thingy on the loose…

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