Of final concerns

Confounded uncomfortable rain.

The balcony was unattended and, in light of the disadvantageous climate of the season, was unlikely to experience any traffic for the next day or so.

In hazy hindsight, I suppose it was specifically chosen under this guiding rationale.

Lady Kamyrir wouldn’t have acted of her own volition – a dear girl to be sure, but rather besotted with lace and crinoline skirts. Her brother’s father-in-law was an intimate friend of Duke Trenkich, but being as he was in close confidence with the Dowager Countess of Loarshtead, I doubt any act would have taken place regarding her nephew without her explicit consent.

In light of the fact that she was in the process of arranging my marriage to any of Lord Mistarch’s daughters – I find it highly suspect that she would’ve engaged for my murder.

Adjusting his grey-brown coat, my incognito destroyer turned a pair of non-descript eyes to where I lay.

Good gracious – the man’s face was filthy. I doubt he even knew what a steam bath was, let alo-

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