Into Open Air

I couldn’t help but notice the shape of the steel blades on the fan and how they would have chopped up a body with blunt force had they been on.

Acrylic sailed up before me, reaching the end of his grappling line and peering over the lip into the night sky. His oddly shaped head became a midnight blue as it reflected the night sky. The darkest hour before dawn. Had I not been in the middle of a mission, I might have noted the tiny stars.

An ebony shadow swooped over the shiny surface with lightning speed and hooked some part of Acrylic. He barely had time to let out a surprised yelp before he was gone, yanked out of the space like he was never there.

I gulped, ears wide open for sounds of movement, eyes wide in shock. Fetus’ face met mine, eyes equally wide, but mouth set in a firm line. This was war. Ambush or no, we were going in fighting. We both laid fingers on triggers and took deep breaths.

Simultaneous heads popped out with simultaneous yells met by..


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