He Who Can See, Let Him See

Stovo idly kept watching the small party traverse the countryside. They seemed slightly without direction, but their general trajectory was leading them…here.
They were coming here!
Images of the vast, dusty observatory sprung into his mind.
“I should clean.” He turned.
“We have more pressing concerns, Astronomer.”
“GREAT HOUSE!” he screamed. There, in the light of the warm room, stood a thin boy in a dark robe.
“Who are you?!” Stovo yelled shakily.
The boy shrugged.
“One of your soon to be many guests. I require your aid.”
The astronomer chanced a few steps toward the visitor. “How so?”
The boy gestured to the eyepiece of the telescope with a single white finger.
“We have need of eyes that see what we cannot.”
“Well…” Stovo rearranged his cloak, gazing at the disheveled papers. If he helped them, they might forgive the mess.
“Okay,” he consented, and quickly seated himself in the viewing chair. “What do I examine?”
The boy leaned forward.
“The tree line. Something false lurks in the shadows.”

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