The Formula Was Good For Something

Up to his elbows in warm sudsy water, the scientist was not content to let his failure simply drop. He considered changes to the formula to try. This time something felt more right. This time it burned in his veins for a little longer. It made his heart palpitate for an hour. He looked out at the setting sun and thought about the heat in his skin, how the dishwater didn’t feel as hot to him.

“Honey? You done with that plate? You’ve been scrubbing it for five minutes.”

He turned to give it to her and suddenly she smelled so sweet and looked so curvaceous and feminine. He suddenly got the strongest urge to take her in his arms and kiss her.

“Honey! What has gotten into you!” He kissed her harder. She kissed back.

In the bedroom his blood boiled, he stripped off his clothes and hers and pushed her to the bed. He straddled her on all fours and lifted his face to the ceiling and howled an unearthly howl.

His wife’s face went pale and his tongue lolled out in a doggie-ish smile.

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