The Never-Forgotten Rooms

There is a place I cannot find
With pools so dark and clear and cold
And walls unseen beneath the vines
Surrounding trees of ages old
There golden wings and bright red eyes
Anticipated my return
But time plays tricks and tells me lies
From which I never learn

There is a place that I have lost
A mansion rich and old and vast
I knew not when I left, the cost
Nor that the view would be the last
Lush carpets graced the floors, the walls
Bedecked in finest tapestries
Along the paneled wooden halls
The doors wait closed without their keys
But for a pair that opened wide
To look down on the grandest room
Where ancient books on every side
Sleep quiet as a tomb

There is a place I cannot reach
A dangerous distant stormy shore
And one who spoke in silent speech
Despite my begging pleas for more
She would not let me cross the waves
The magic light had filled my eyes
And still the call within me raves
As reason in me dies

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