Challenge Accepted

In the back seat of the towncar, Rachel ran her fingers over the embossed letters of the invitation. She knew the words by heart but lately whenever she grew restless, she instinctively sought the comfort of the letter. It represented freedom, the freedom to finally live her own life. She knew it wasn’t nice to think such things but the money would get her sister the care she needed- and out of Rachel’s hair.

She sighed guiltily and repeated the words of the letter to herself.

Dear Ms. R. Plainnery, after significant examination of your situation, you have been accepted as one of the volunteers in this year’s Million Dollar Dusk to Dawn Challenge. A town car will pick you up at four-thirty, the night of the thirteenth. Beware whom you trust.

The last line coupled with the news of the inevitable tragedies of past challenges, always excited her. Her life had been ruled by bureaucracy ever since her parents had died.

It was too late to back out now. She just hoped that she’d be one of the few to survive.

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