The sound of stale air through my gas mask. My heartbeat loud in my head; blood pounding in my ears. This is the bad side of town. Ever since the capsule opened, everything is the bad side of town. The masses groan in unison, reaching up towards me with arms that consist solely of bone and skin.

They are a sea of gaunt angles and sunken eyes. Pale skin and narrow, sharp teeth. Hollow cheeks and quivering bodies. The only thing separating me from them is a bridge surrounded with bulletproof glass. I only see the ones closest to the glass; it is dark. They bang fragile fists against the barrier that they will never break. I raise my protectively-gloved hands, allowing them to brush the glass barrier that seems as though it is shrinking in on me, closing me in. My pace quickens as their reflective eyes pierce through the dark.

I raise my gaze from the floor, my head swimming, vision blurred. Light… a door opens before me. Survivors reach for me and welcome me into the next building.

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