Today's Thoughts

“I’d have to be really desperate to take a temp job holding a sign on a street corner for 8 hours,” my husband said as we waited for the light to turn green at a busy intersection.

“You think they have someone from the agency check on them to see if they are actually doing it? If I had to be on a corner all day holding a sign advertising a closing store sale all day, I’d stick it in the ground and pack a lawn chair!”

“And a book!”


“At least that frog suit would be warm on a day like today.”

“Hey, there’s a cow over there!”

“What’s the cow suit for?”

“Uh, steak house.”

“What’s with all the costumed sign-holding people?”

“I dunno. Trying to catch the folks headed to and from the football game.”


We curved around in a long line of cars slowly making their way around the University. “Look at all those tailgaters!” I gaped.

“10 dollars to park!”

“Good thing we aren’t sports fans, huh?”

“Let’s just get some dinner.”

“Sounds good.”

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