Some Men.

The thing about boys is that they constantly a manipulate you.

The thing with girls is that they can always be toyed with.

He talked to me in a bar, which was suspicious on it’s own. But I didn’t listen to my better judgement.

Picked her up in a bar. I didn’t have to even ask if she wanted to leave .

I allowed him to touch me and make me feel wanted and important.

I got her in my bed and had zero rest because she only wanted more.

Then he told me to leave the next day. I never even know his name and yet I was so foolish to give myself away…

She was a fun night but no way in hell was it meant to be more.

The thing with me is that I fall for anything.

She just got the complete wrong impression. I only wanted a night. The thing is with women, they are insanely gullible if it’s for attention.

But the real sentence to define some men is that they always fuck you over.

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