Fallen Angel

“Come on it will be fun, you need to live more.” – “I think am fine right hear Rachel.” – “That’s not living your life Carl.” -“Pipe it Kat.” Carl sat on a grassy field watching as Rachel and Kat begun their journeying in the sunset. Rachel started to run towards the cliff, she was off into the skies flying among the living. Kat wasn’t far behind Rachel, they were soaring threw the skies flying over the living and looking down on the fallen. I sat up and watched the plane burn in the distance, wondering what was to be the next part in our life. “Carl you’re missing out, you always loved flying.” Rachel shouted. She was right I was always the one who couldn’t wait for a vacation, to be able to get into a plane or even a helicopter. But I guess I was more afraid of what was next. I was scared to leave this behind. Before I knew it Rachel and Kat was soaring out into the distance. I was left here to ponder my future, to be a fallen angle and not fly up in the skies. I was a lost soul, afraid to have it all end.

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