The XCOM Diaries: The Ambush Part One

Major Perret ran out of the rear hatch of the Skyranger as it set down, his squad on his heels. They fanned out into cover as their transport rocketed back into the sky, all five soldiers checking in over their radios to report clear status. Abduction interdiction had become fairly routine by now. It should have been an easy mission. Suddenly, Corporal Lewis reported movement to the left.
“Muton’s on the left flank! Get some fire on their position,” said the Major. His squad moved to comply, laser rifle fire scouring the aliens’ hiding places. Perret fired his rocket launcher while his men pinned the aliens down, killing one and badly wounding another. “Lewis, get up there and capture that X-Ray,” he shouted. “We could use a live one for interrogation.” The muton retreated, holding it’s wounded belly. Corporal Lewis raced after it, arc thrower at the ready. Without warning, plasma shots came screaming past him. Two shots landed on his armor, knocking him against a wall.
“Major! I’m hit! They’re all over!”

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