Nothing Deviant At All

“This is glorious!” Brian exclaimed, staring at his laptop.

“Stop looking at porn, dude!” I faked a parental tone, hoping the accusation would embarrass my roommate with his sister in the room. She’d swung to see what he was looking at. Her reaction at finding that it was a photo of a car was relief, or maybe disappointment? Had she wanted to catch her brother in the act?

“Shut the f…” he trailed off, wanting to avoid another round. He failed.

“Come on, Brian, your sister has to know you jerk it every once in a while. Right, Jen? I think your brother’s into amputees and midgets. That kind of thing.” I had no idea.

“Dude!” he was pissed. I was relishing this. Jen was blushing but held an amused smirk.

I continued, “As for me, I enjoy the standard fare, nothing deviant at all.” The sarcasm was thick as I blatantly lied. She knew it.

“How about yourself, Jen?”

Brian turned to me with the most intense face and demanded, “Stop!”

Unexpectedly, Jen announced, “Exhibitionism, mostly.” She smiled crazily.

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