Chess: Endgame

The next several moves were made in silence.

White’s Bishop moved here.

Black’s Knight developed there.

A Pawn exchange opening a file for Black’s Rook.

Black’s Queen marched across the board to attack.

The demon’s grin remained, as piece by piece my position became more tenuous.

Extending my hand, I rested my fingertips on top of my sole remaining Knight and let my eyes drift over the board. So few pieces remained, on both sides.

I nodded once and made my move.

“Knight to Queen’s Bishop 4,” I said, placing a threat on the demon’s Queen while, at the same time, fortifying my own position.

The demon cackled. Fool.

With a flourish, the demon’s Rook came forward, capturing the Knight I had just moved.

Mate in three.

I nodded again, my face grim.

Then slowly, I moved my Bishop, nested between two half-developed Pawns, and slid it across the board to a square diagonal to the demon’s Queen.


My Bishop had just opened up a file for my forgotten Rook, which now threatened the demon’s King.

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