Airships: What Maps Do Pirates Carry?

Men scrambled about, following the Captain’s orders as quickly as possible.

Elletra followed after Hawkeye as he went to the lookout in order to spot a good sized Fold.

“What’s New Tortuga?” Elletra asked, as she rushed to keep up.

“You shouldn’t disobey the captain. Go back to Silver Skies.” Hawkeye frowned, looking at Elletra with a strange expression.

Elletra arched an eyebrow, “You going to tell on me?”

At that Hawkeye smiled, “New Tortuga is a place of pirates. Literally the whole city is made up of pirates and their ships. They’re not very organized though and usually don’t perform in intricate or large-scale operations. They just take to survive and for the thrills. They’re quite the opposite of mafia pirates but with a bit more, ah… creativity.”

“So if both parties are collaborating then that can’t be good.”

“Especially if those maps turn out to be from the pirates and not the Gatekeepers.” Hawkeye muttered.

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