Airships: Abandon Ship

“Are you ready, sir?” Hawkeye asked over his shoulder, as he held a firm grip on the steering wheel.

“I always hate to sink a ship. Go ahead, Hawkeye,” Jerem sighed and turned to Elletra, “Give the men the signal, if you would be so kind.”

Elletra nodded and hurried out of the bridge onto the main deck where men were waiting by the grappling hooks for orders.

“The captain says to head back to Silver Skies and cut her loose as soon as Hawkeye and him get back.” Elletra said, hoping to sound with some authority.

The men nodded, paying her no mind and quickly crossed the gangplank bridge they had erected back to the ship. Elletra strangely felt anxious as she stared at the heavily damaged ship, waiting for Jerem and Hawkeye.

Suddenly, she felt both ships jerking to the right and a few moments later, the frenchman and Hawkeye were scrambling back to safety. The men on the deck swiftly shot the cables running from the grappling hooks and the now abandoned ship drifted until it vanished into a hungry Fold.

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