It is dark. The civilians don’t suspect anything yet. Other than receiving some beautiful looks, I’ve gone unnoticed. But for how long will the public be unaware? I fear the day that they find out. I’ll be running again. Trapped like I’ve been all my life.

A violent shiver runs through my meager frame, making my entire body shudder. I cross my arms tightly over my bare chest. I am only in a pair of baggy gray pants, and the people do not notice me. Humans seem to be rather oblivious creatures.

My nose is running again, and my pace quickens as the street lamps begin to hum to life, illuminating the frosty night air with amber glows. I find that if I relax my breathing, I can somewhat control my core temperature, so I do this now. As I exhale, my breath ghosts away from my blue lips in a condensed cloud of warmth.

A wooden bench stands stark against the sidewalk, under the lit autumn hues of the street lamp, like a beacon of welcome. Exhausted and starving, I find refuge there. I curl up and attempt sleep.

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