A Vampire, a Mummy, and Werewolf walk into a bar.

It’s the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse. The supernatural trio appear somewhat tired and a bit the worse for wear. They begin looking about the murky room and finally they spot Bob(formerly Frankenstein’s Creature), the “person” they were looking for. Bob is vibrating with anxiety.

“Sheez Bob, none of us enjoy a Zombie Apocalypse, but why are you twitching? " the Werewolf drawls whilst attempting to drink beer from a bottle instead of a bowl.

Bob makes odd noises for a moment. The Mummy translates,“He says you try having a flip top head when brains are on the menu.”

“Whatever,” the Vampire snarls, " Everybody knows Vampires have been trying to take over the world for millenia, and these, these upstarts do it in a weekend ? I’ve half a mind to start fighting for the humans…"

The rest of our motley crew snicker at that for a bit.“What’s so funny?” the Vampire inquires.

The Mummy replies, " You said you had half a mind."

“I don’t get it,” sighs the vampire.

“It was funnier when you said it.”

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