Not if you were the last...

When the apocalypse came to wipe out humanity, it was not a zombie apocalypse, much to the disappointment of nerds everywhere. Nope, just a plain old plague that came back with the Martian probe which wiped out most of Earth’s population. As luck and genetics would have it, I was one of the lucky immune ones. Nobody knows why. I was poked and prodded by so many doctors at first, but I haven’t seen any of them in awhile. Maybe they’re all dead.
I drive with all the windows rolled down and the music turned up, hoping that someone hears me. I’m somewhere around Petersville when I hear a voice calling out.
“Heyyyyy, heyyyy!” a figure is running behind the car. I slow down and let the young man catch up. Watching him in the side view mirror, his features come into focus. His rodent-like face, thinning blond hair. I recognize him. His name is Mike-I used to date him. When I came to my senses and dumped him, he was real diva about it. I let him get close enough to the window to see my face and then hit the gas.

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