The Way of the World

The door slammed loudly as Fynn Klein collapsed at the kitchen table. He’d had a rough time at life these past few days, but it didn’t matter; he was home.
“A day early,” Leonie commented quietly, banging the pots overhead. “You still have your job don’t you?”
“No,” he breathed testily. “But the Party has hired me.” His wife’s eyebrows shot up, but she didn’t say a word. Fynn watched her turned back, noticing how loose her clothes had gotten and wondered why he’d never considered it before. “This job will be better, promise.”
“How do you know that?”
“I’m working for the Party!” he laughed. Fynn hadn’t been told exactly what he was to do.
“Temporary security, that’s all it is; Hansi needs new shoes.”
“Again?” Fynn’s heart heaved; there was no money.
“What do you think? He’s a growing child!” Leonie snapped. Then, she heard little feet puttering on the floor. “Oh, Elsa, com here, darling!” She scooped up the little girl. “Papa has a new job.” Leonie patted her husband’s face. A tear dropped to her cold hands.

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