Prey: Time to Collect

I stare at my foe. He is dead, as is his steed. I, am alive, Fenrir is alive. Once again the shadows have aided us.

But looking down at this young man it make me think. Will the shadows one day forsake us as well? Will we become the prey? Will the hunters become the hunted? Will I have to hopelessly watch as Fenrir is slain infront of me?

I shake my head. “Such things must not cross your mind. The shadows will never forsake you. You are part of the shadows. For, how can something leave itself?”

Now we must return to our employer. Return to the one who hired us. Return and tell him that this man has been ended. That this man shall never cross his path again. He shall nevermore be troublesome.

With this news awarded we shall be. With gold, with money. Now that this job is done, it is time to collect.

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