Historic Battlefields

The girl followed quietly behind her two friends. Ah, the obligation of the third wheel. Nobody liked it, but the position had to be filled by someone, and that someone was Toni. With a jerk of her head, she sent raven black bangs out of her face. She huffed a sigh whilst subconsciously listening to the couple’s steady prattle, and watched her warm breath drift like a could from her lips before disappearing into the cold air. Toni was an oddity, and this situation wasn’t helping.

“There’s nothing wrong with being afraid of clocks!” the boyfriend, Jason, exclaimed, earning a giggle from Bree.

“Don’t worry, everybody has one weird fear,” Toni shrugged. The couple turned to stare at the rather nervous-looking girl.

“What’s yours?” Bree asked.

Toni blinked. “Historic battlefields.”

“But…” Bree whispered. “We’re at a battlefield.”

“Yeah,” Jason said. "Why battlefields?

Toni shifted and looked away quickly. She grabbed a string from her hoodie and began to idly twist it. “They never stop fighting…”

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