The Coma Conspiracy

He skirted around the hospital, narrowing his eyes to better make out the blurry features of the building. It’s security must have been top notch. People had tried to break in before, but they’d all been arrested before finding any truth. They were all kids his age, too. High school age, mostly upperclassmen. He crouched down around the edges of the thick chain link fence, scrutinizing it as he rounded the side.

The fence was at least seven feet tall, with barbed wire pointing on both sides. Why would they need barbed wire facing inwards…? Of course, more questions. There were hardly any answers.

As he turned the corner, he came upon the back side of the Jefferson Institute. At least twenty dark green dumpsters lined the back plane of the building, which was extraordinarily unusual in the first place.

However, it wasn’t this that frightened him frozen. It was the fact that each dumpster was filled to the brim with bright orange plastic bags. Upon each was printed a very clear symbol; a biohazard sign.

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