Prose of Priscilla, Poetry of Paralee

If middle school was a kingdom, then Priscilla would surely be the queen.
She was tall, graceful, pretty, and interacted well with people. She wore stylish, trendy clothes, and was the one that people strived to please. Priscilla was adored by the teachers, and she knew how to get what she wanted. Though she acted kindly and refrained from malicious acts of meaness most of the time, she still had a slice of vanity in her essence. She didn’t quite fancy the idea of spending time with anyone deemed unpopular or stupid.Occasionally, she would volunteer her time for charity, but she didn’t work the hardest. Yet whenever she did even the slightest good deed, a newspaper reporter always happened to be around. Despite the fact that she was deemed an intelligent beauty by many, and as much as she was one, the amazing truth still stood. As much as it appeared, she wasn’t the greatest, or the purest, prettiest, or bravest.
There was another who was all of this and so much more.
Someday, all would see this.

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