Developing History

“For centuries, the documentation of history was left to unreliable machines and worse: The human memory.” The guide gestured to a glass case of microphones, cameras and newspapers. “All of these are very fallible; for all we know, histories biggest decisions may have been based on lies. This is why TimeWatch Inc. has spent the past 20 years creating what you know as Memoram.”

The guide stopped in front of a door and waited for stragglers before continuing.

“This room is where the Memoram is stored. If our lab isn’t doing any tests today, you will have a chance to search our records and maybe find out if your boyfriend really did cheat on you that night.” The guide chuckled and swiped a key. The door faded away exposing a room packed with Terra-tons of hardware and one 12″×9″ blue screen.

“While TimeWatch has just about mastered recording our developing history, we are yet to recover the more distant past. If we could clear away the haze clouding up our history, who knows how the world would change.”

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