In Memory of Poppa

The most important thing I have to say here and now is this.
I would like the memory of my grandfather, James Blohm, to live on forever.

I want his soul to be remembered even more than I want to be remembered.
Poppa was a wonderful person, and, although stubborn, he was a truly loving soul.

He cared about his family more than anything, and I was really close to him.
He played an important role in the person I am today.

Poppa died in June of 2008.
When I lost him, it hurt just as much as losing a parent.
I was just as close to Poppa as I am to my mom and dad.

Few people will ever understand that.

Well, Poppa, I want you to know that I will always love you.

Whenever I hear Judy Garland’s song, “If I Forget You,” I will think of the grandfather whose soul will forever reside in my heart.

He is my angel now, and always watching over me.

May Poppa’s soul rest in peace, for he is in heaven now with God and the angels.

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