The Discovery in the Graveyard

The trees and tombstones were a blur. The wind was rushing through their hair, blowing Megan’s curly locks askew. She reached the gate first. It was locked. They were trapped. Looking around, she noticed that there was a small hole between the ground and the gate, just barely large enough for them to squeeze through. She shimmied her way through the hole, coaxing Erik through.
“Hurry up, they’re right behind you!” she yelled.
Erik got down on his stomach and started to squeeze his way through the hole.
The angels were almost to the fence now, causing Megan to scream louder. Erik made it through the hole just as the statues reached the gate. Erik took the camera from his neck and snapped a couple more pictures of the statues reaching for them through the gaps in the fence.
“I think we just made the discovery of a lifetime.” Erik said, smiling at his companion, wondering what kind of difference this discovery would make.

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