The Subway at 2am

You’re waiting for the train
And it’s 10 minutes late.
It’s only 10 minutes,
And there are people around.
Most of them are drunk
And a few are asleep against the columns.
Someone just sat next to you
But neither you nor they care,
But you’d still rather they didn’t.
There’s a voice announcing
Things you can’t do
Being happy
Having a timely train.

It’s 9 minutes now,
Only 9 minutes.
So you think about life
Just to pass the time.
Some guy is laughing
At something stupid,
Not funny at all, probably,
And some girl is talking loudly
As if her friends can’t hear her
From two feet away
And someone is trying to talk
On their cell phone,
In the subway,

The train is 8 minutes away now,
Only 8 minutes.
But when your friends are elsewhere
And you are sitting next to some guy,
Some smelly guy,
And your phone won’t work
(Oh, you too?)
And even when the train gets here
You’ll still be an hour away from home -

Those 8 minutes

Well, 7 now,

Are an eternity to your full bladder.

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