Here's To The Past.

I can’t get away from you.
You’re running, lightning fast
I’m racing, chasing sanity
but I can sense you close behind.
You’d never let me get away.
You’re very good at hiding;
lurking in the shadows
pretending you’re not there,
like none of it ever happened.
But you never stay hidden for very long.
There’s no way to escape from you
no chance of running away
or leaving you behind.
You always find some way to follow.
And I hate you for that.
Its not that I have regrets
or that I wish things hadn’t happened
It’s that I wish you didn’t force me
to live with this every day
through thick and thin
good days and bad days
rainy days and sunny days
Days when I’m dreaming
and days when I’m not.
You make it so hard for me
to move on with my life.
I just wish I could get away from you.

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